10 Awesome Local Olive Oil Packaging Designs

The process of producing olive oil is truly an agricultural art that can be tasted in the quality of the oil itself. When it comes to packaging this liquid gold, many producers show the same amount of artistry in their designs.

A great way to save money and ensure that your olive oil lasts as long as possible is to buy in bulk and by tins or tubes that don’t allow any light in. Here are some of our favourite quality local extra virgin olive oils that not only taste great, but also come in really creative packaging designs that will add some artistic flair to your pantry.

Riebeek Cellars Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l in a tin

Riebeek Cellars Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Riebeek Cellars produces extra virgin olive oil, cold extracted, from Frantoio olives grown in the Swartland towns of Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West. This variety oil is renowned for its robust fruitiness and full herbaceous aroma and flavor.

Kleinbergskloof Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l in a tin

Kleinbergskloof Extra Virgin Olive Oil

After ripening in the warm and dry Stilbaai summer, the olives from Kleinbergskloof are hand-picked and cold extracted in the early autumn months. They use Mission, Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina olives varients to make their grassy oil. it is a well balanced oil with a complex character and a strong aroma.

Namaqua EVOO 1l in a tube

Namaqua EVOO 1l in a tube

This Valley, mostly known for their wines, have recently been unlocked for its great potential & terroir to grow olives. The Avenant family, who until recently only harvested grapes for the local wine industry, embarked upon a new adventure growing olives & producing the finest quality extra virgin olive oil in these unique semi desert climate conditions.

De Rustica Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2l Bag in a Box

De Rustica EVOO

De Rustica is an award winning olive estate that focuses on blending perfection and creating only the best quality extra virgin olive oil. Their farm is situated in the Southern Cape in an area called De Rust, close to the town of Oudtshoorn. The oil is packaged in an easy to use and versatile 2t bag in a Box container. This oil is their mountain press, a blend of Frantoio and Coratina – perfect for absolutely everything.

Hemelrand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Favolosa blend & Hemel & Aarde blend 1l in a tin

Hemelrand Farm sits on the highest ridge in the Hemel and Aarde Valley, near Hermanus. It benefits from exceptional terroir and a cool maritime influence. Artisanally made on the farm by Hans & Mary Ann Evenhuis, this extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted according to the highest standards, as prescribed by international regulators and the South African Olive Oil Industry. The Favolosa blend, in white tins, is made from FS17 olives by Wildekrans in the Botriver area. It is a medium style oil. The Hemel and Aarde blend, in red tins, is made from olives produced by various neighbours in the valley. It is a medium style oil.

Rio Largo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l & 2l in a Tube

Rio Largo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2l in a Tube

Rio Largo Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a long list of awards to their name. It is a blend of Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina, grown in the Scherpenheuwel valley between Worcester and Robertson. The oil, cold extracted to preserve all the health benefits, is meticulously blended resulting in a peppery flavor. It is perfect for serving with salads and pairs well with red meat dishes, pastas and fish. Rio Largo Tubes have become so popular as they not only store the award winning olive oil under optimal conditions allowing no air or light in to spoil the oil, but they also add an interesting dimension to any kitchen counter top.

Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l in tin

Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1l in tin

The Prince Albert Extra Virgin Olive Oil is blended from a seasonal selection of Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, Barnea, Dor Carlo, Koroneiki or Favolosa varieties. It is a well balanced, soft, medium style Extra Virgin Olive Oil with good, green fruit, grass & artichoke plus a hint of ripe olives. The olives are grown, produced and bottled on the estate in the Prince Albert area.

Babylonstoren Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml & Frantoio Olive Oil

Babylonstoren Olive O

Babylonstoren’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of four Italian varieties grown in the sun and soil on the slopes of the Simonsberg. The oil is balanced with flavours of bitter almonds and walnut, fruit of green and ripe olives with mild pepperiness. It is packaged in a 500ml tin with a resealable lid. Packaging the olive oil in a tin means that sunlight is kept out, which helps to preserve the oil’s flavourful nuances over time.

Extracted from a single varietal, pure Frantoio essence has been trapped within this golden delicious olive oil. Savour layers of creaminess, notes of green grass, almonds, wildflowers and green apple. Best enjoy drizzled over seasonal salads or soaked up by chunks of fresh bread.

Broad Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Broad Valley’s extra virgin olive oil comes from olives that are hand-picked with care and then immediately cold-extracted in our own olive press on the farm. The premium quality oil is expertly blended from various cultivars to bring out the unique flavours and natural characteristics of the terroir. While the oil is delicious, equally memorable is the striking packaging that pays homage to the endangered Blue Crane, a regular visitor to the farm and an unmistakable icon of the Overberg region.

Broad Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Baleia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Baleia has given their award winning olive oil a packaging makeover that reflects the quality and style that we have come to know from this brand. The new packaging was redesigned to create a modern and seamless elegance with flowing 360 degree design complimenting the Baleia Wines & Olive Oil brand.

The 2017 Baleia Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil is a fusion of Frantoio, Corantina,FS17 and Leccino olives with distinctive aromas of green tomatoes and artichokes with a lemon freshness. The taste has a buttery, smooth ending with black pepper hints and a pleasant bitterness reminiscent of the high antioxidant content.


baleia olive oil

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