The 2017 Marco Zichella Awards

The 16th  annual olive oil competition in memory of Marco Zichella , took place recently and the winners were announced in  Stellenbosch on  Saturday the 28th of October.

This prize was instituted in 2002 by Marco Zichella’s wife Piera and his daughter Benedetta to honour his vision and his passion for olive oil.

The participating oils, all produced on Oliomio/Mori-Tem  equipment, manufactured in Tuscany , were entered for a blind tasting  by an experienced tasting panel led by Linda Costa.

Marco Zichella Awards

The judges, Reni Hildenbrand, Louise Rabie, Nico Loubser, Gert Van Dyk and Benedetta Lami, were delighted with the excellent quality of the oils, more confirmation that South Africa is producing olive oils which can compete with the best internationally.

The oils were evaluated and awarded prizes based on the perception of positive charachteristics, with emphasis on attributes such as harmony (balance) and complexity of the samples.

The prize giving ceremony took place at Benedetta’s  home in Stellenbosch,  in an atmosphere of true italian hospitality and friendship, and the guests were treated to a light lunch organized by the hostess  and delicious wines kindly provided  by Stellenbosch Vineyards.

Marco Zichella Awards

The three winners in the different categories each received a beautiful hand painted ceramic plate, with the Zichella family crest.

The results are as follows:

Delicate category :    1st prize awarded to RIO LARGO GOLD  (Scherpenheuwel Valley)

Medium category:     1st prize awarded to WILDEKRANS KEERWEER   (Bot River)

                                    2nd prize awarded to LAPITHOS    (Scherpenheuwel Valley)

                                    Grand Mention awarded to OLYVENBOSCH  (Wellington)

Intense category:      1st prize awarded to MARDOUW  PREMIUM XXV INTENSE  (Swellendam)

                                    2nd prize awarded to ANDANTE INTENSO  (Porterville)

                                    Grand Mention awarded to KRANSFONTEIN  (Stillbaai)


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