3 Tips For Cooking With Different Styles Of EVOO

Cooking with olive oil is not only one of the healthiest methods but can also add huge depth of flavour to your dishes. Like foods, there are different flavours in different styles of olive oil, and the best flavour combinations are obtained when using the most appropriate style of oil with a particular food.

The more intensely flavoured foods are best complemented with more intensely fruity oil, and more delicate flavour dishes, are complimented with delicate olive oils that won’t override the subtle flavours.

Here 3 tips when cooking with different styles of olive oil:

  1. Intense Style Olive Oils:

Because the flavour profiles of this style oil are quite strong, these oils are best used for grilling and marinating red meat, sautéing garlic and onions, or drizzled over soup. Also best used for adding a punch of flavour to bland or simple dishes.

Here is a recipe from Crush Magazine that makes use of Willow Creek’s Directors Reserve, an intense EVOO, to make these stand out Prawn Burgers.


  1. Medium Style Olive Oils:

Medium style oils are best used for baking, frying or grilling delicate fish, like salmon or with chicken, on subtle salads and in baking.

A perfect example of how to use this style of EVOO is this recipe for Olive Oil Poached Salmon Nicoise Salad, using Gabrielskloof Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


  1. Delicate Style Olive Oils:

Use delicate oils for subtle flavour dishes, or when you don’t want the taste of the olive oil to overpower the flavours of the dish. Best paired in desserts, baking, poured over fresh fruit or for making mayonnaise.

If you have any doubts about pairing sweet desserts with olive oil then this Salted Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Ice-Cream with Greenleaf Extra Virgin Olive Oil will surely set your mind at ease.


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