CTC Scheme

The SA Olive seal gives consumers the confidence of choosing the best.

Bitter, fruity, pungent, soft, green, ripe, crisp, but above all fresh. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a natural, unrefined olive oil with low acidity, no defects and a fresh, vibrant taste. If properly extracted and carefully stored, it is a product offering a multitude of health benefits and a full spectrum of flavour nuances. When choosing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, consumers should expect to experience all the enjoyment and benefits of a fresh juice extracted from newly harvested olives. An SA Olive seal guarantees this.

When buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil, consumers can look out for bottles bearing the SA Olive seal. SA Olive is the official representative body of the South African olive industry. The SA Olive seal is a guarantee of product authenticity, confirming that the producer commits to quality standards, including chemical and taste requirements.

Committed to quality
Since 2005, participating members of SA Olive subscribe to a Commitment to Compliance (CTC) scheme on a voluntary and self-regulating basis. Samples of olive oil are regularly submitted to accredited laboratories for chemical analyses and to the SA Olive Organoleptic Tasting Panel for tasting to confirm the absence of defects, in line with internationally accepted methods.

Locally produced
The SA Olive seal on a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil confirms that the content is 100% locally produced and made in accordance with the guidelines set in the SA Olive Code of Conduct and Practice, and aligned to international quality standards.

Accurately labelled
The SA Olive seal further guarantees that the labelling of the product is correct and transparent. The year of harvest and best before date clearly displayed on the label assure consumers of the freshness of the oil.

SA Olive CTC Seal

To learn more about the CTC Scheme, visit the SA Olive Website.