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2013 was Mardouw’s 1st year of bottling their own products. In 2014 Mardouw’s 2014 Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded with the CTC Seal by a tasting panel, as well as a silver medal at the annual SA Olive Awards. Mardouw has come a long way since 2013, with their products being recognized for superior quality and gained appreciation from consumers, Mardouw decided their branding needed to keep pace with their evolving image.

The new look for the Mardouw Olive Product range now showcases Mardouw’s dedication to produce proudly South African olive products of superior quality, in harmony with nature. The tree – a representation of an olive tree made from metal wires and proudly displayed at the stoep at Mardouw’s Manor House in Swellendam – takes centre stage in the new design, while black, white and gold set the tone.

Mardouw new packaging

A premium olive product requires a premium look. We have contracted Online Brand Ambassadors to come up with proposals for our new packaging design. Some of the proposals were funky and modern, others were more conservative and safe. We have chosen for a combination of both – modern and fresh while incorporating the broad design concepts we initially set out in 2014. This way we can show customers that the Mardouw product range and brand is being fine-tuned all the time, while our core principles – producing natural quality olive products – remain unchanged. – André Verder, Mardouw Olive Estate owner.

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