Meet the Judges for the 2015 Sol D’Oro Competition

The internationally renowned Sol d’Oro competition is just around the corner, 7-11 September, and will be hosted in Cape Town. Judging for this competition is a stringent process and requires the skills of local and international experts to select and award the best olive oils in the world. We are pleased to inform you that the panel of expert judges has been selected.

Marino Giorgettimarino giorgetti

Competition Panel Chief. Dr. Giorgetti is an international expert in sensory evaluation of olive oil, and other foods and beverages. He is an agronomist and works at the Department of Agriculture of the Regione Abruzzo (Italy) where he leads various research and educational initiatives for the development of olive oil quality and healthy nutrition. He collaborates regularly with the Slow Food organization and is a leading figure in the promotion of high quality foods, healthy eating, and traditions and cultures related to gastronomy.

“After the marvellous first edition of Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere in Santiago, Chile, last year, this year the event travels to another continent and sets foot on the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. Sol d’Oro in Cape Town confirms its status at the top competition in the world in 2015 for this Spring’s olive oils produced in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The event is held in high regard in view of its stringent selection criteria”.

Giuseppe Giordanogiuseppe giordano

Calabria Region Panel Chief and official agronomist. Giordano is a Lecturer in Master Food Olive Oil courses organised by Slow Food. He is considered an expert taster and is also an instructor and trainer of tasters of virgin and extra virgin olive oil, and has been a judge in Italian and international competitions.

jose mingoJosé Mingo

Commercial Engineer and businessman with extensive experience in the world of Chilean wine and olive oil production. He is the President of the Panel Cata Chile of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Association.

Giulio Scatolinigiulio-scatolini

Panel Chief of Unaprol (Italian Olive Oil Council)  Rome, Aprol Perugia and Capol Latina. Scatolini has been a specialist in sensory analysis of olive oil since 1987. He has been a professional taster since 1993 and IOC Panel Chief since 1995. Expert taster. He has been the panel leader of the most important olive oil competitions in Italy and abroad, and is considered to have one of the best noses in the olive oil field.

Milena Micklavcic

Researcher in the olive oil field at Primorska University (Slovenia).


Anunciacion Carpio

Councillor of the Andalusian Region involved in development projects and Consultant for Spanish olive mills attesting to product quality. Carpio is a biologist with a Diploma in High Specialization of Fats and Oils. She is an expert in tasting and sensorial analysis and has been a judge in the most important oil competitions in the world (Italy, USA, Portugal, etc.) She works  in the Consejería of Agriculture of the Junta de Andalucía in Jaén, evaluating olive oil mills to obtain high quality oils.

reni-hildenbrandReni Hildenbrand

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and wine producer and Member of SA Olive Association since 1992. Hildebrand is has a Olive Oil Taster Certificate from O.N.A.O.O. She is also the Taster and Panel Leader on the SA Olive CTC Certification for the past 8 years.


Benedetta Lami Zichella
Member of SA Olive Industry Association and of the Official SA Olive Tasting Panel. Benedetta Lami was born and brought up in Italy. During her youth in Tuscany she acquired and developed a taste for good olive oil. Benedetta is also the sole agent for OLIOMIO Olive Oil Press in South Africa.



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