Packaging Perfection For Baleia Olive Oil

Baleia has given their award winning olive oil a packaging makeover that reflects the quality and style that we have come to know from this brand. The new packaging was redesigned to create a modern and seamless elegance with flowing 360 degree design complimenting the Baleia Wines & Olive Oil brand.

baleia olive oil

The 2017 Baleia Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil is a fusion of Frantoio, Corantina,FS17 and Leccino olives with distinctive aromas of green tomatoes and artichokes with a lemon freshness.

The taste has a buttery, smooth ending with black pepper hints and a pleasant bitterness reminiscent of the high antioxidant content.


The first plantings were in 2008 with the sole focus of creating an Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Oil.

The limestone rich soils in close proximaty to the ocean (8km -Indian and Atlantic) creates an exceptionally unique terroir.

Organic and biological methods are utilized as far as possible, thus ensuring the farming methods is not detrimental to the environment.

Get your hands on this beautifully packaged Extra Virgin Olive Oil at R88 per 375ml bottle at the Baleia Wines & Olive Oil Deli tasting room in Riversdale, La Bella Deli & Restaurant or online at