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+27 23 342 5793
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Nuy Road, Nuy Valley, Worcester, Western Cape
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P.O. Box 5015, Heatlievale, Worcester 6851

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The Company

Andries Rabie realised that the terroir of the Nuy Valley where his forefathers farmed since the late seventeen hundreds, is perfectly suited for the cultivation of olives. Since 1999 260Ha have been planted in the lime rich soils where the Mediterranean climate, access to irrigation water and the meticulous tending of the groves work together to deliver flavourful fruit for the production of the estate’s olive oil. International awards attest to the quality of Willow Creek’s range of olive oils, but for them the best prize of all is sharing their passion with olive oil lovers around the world.

In 2002 the first extra virgin olive oil was extracted with an Oliomio with a capacity of 50kg/hour. The following season the Oliomio was exchanged for a Pieralisi decanter which processed 500kg/hour. A 3,5 tonne Alpha Laval was acquired in 2008 to manage the growing production and in 2014 it has been replaced by the state of the art Pieralisi Leopard 8 with a capacity of 6,5 tonnes/hour – making Willow Creek the largest South African plant equipped with this leading technology.

An Oxbo harvester is utilised to ensure that the olives are harvested at their optimum ripeness stage. At 6 tonnes an hour it supplies the capacity of the Pieralisi decanter like a hand in a glove. In addition to the manual harvesters who clean the groves after the machine, 50 factory workers are employed to preserve the table olives and bottle and package the range of products.

Willow Creek takes pride in the quality of their product and is an ISO 22000 certified company and a member of EVA – the international Extra Virgin Alliance. This alliance holds its members accountable for their integrity and the quality of their extra virgin olive oil.

The Products

All three styles of extra virgin olive oil, namely, Delicate, Medium and Intense, are blended from the wide range of cultivars in order to provide the perfect product for every application as well as to satisfy every palate preference.

In addition to the delicate NUY VALLEY, the medium intensity ESTATE BLEND and intense DIRECTORS’ RESERVE, Willow Creek also offers flavoured olive oils that range from favourites like Lemon, Garlic and Jalapeño, to exotic flavours like Persian Lime, Blood Orange & Truffle.

Balsamic Vinegar is the natural partner to extra virgin olive oil and Willow Creek has 3 variants available: a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, a Balsamic Glaze, also imported from Italy, and their Cabernet Sauvignon Balsamic Vinegar. This home grown version is created on the estate and matured in oak barrels.

The olive range varies from Black and Green olives to the popular flavoured and pitted options. Traditional tapenade and two olive pesto’s complete Willow Creek’s gourmet product range.

Extra Virgin olive oil is also excellent for the skin and the “i-love my skin” range of body products has been developed. Consisting of a Hand Wash, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Butter and a Hand & Nail Cream, the range will nourish and protect your skin.


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