5 Ways To Get Smoother, Softer Skin With Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has so many health benefits, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, when consumed it can do wonders for your body and when applied it can do amazing things for your skin. The great thing about olive oil, besides its flavour of course, is that it’s a natural anti-aging product which nourishes and rejuvenates skin. No need to spend hundreds on expensive products to keep those wrinkles at bay, your skin care regime can be solved with the simple use of olive oil.

5 Ways To Get Smoother, Softer Skin Using Olive Oil

Here are 5 simple ways to incorporate olive oil into your daily skin care routine.

  1. Olive oil eye cream

Olive oil won’t sting or irritate your eyes. Rich in vitamins and natural fatty acids, EVOO can be used as an eye cream. It will nourish the skin around your eyes and soften fine lines. Dab some olive oil under your eyes after washing your face, you will notice the moisturizing effect of this natural beauty treatment.

  1. Olive oil face masks

To achieve soft, smooth skin with a natural glow, why not try an olive oil face mask that you can easily make at home. Mix one egg yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply this mixture to your clean face for 5 -10 minutes; rinse with warm, then cold water (cold water will help to close pores). This olive oil homemade face mask can be used for normal or dry skin types.

  1. Olive oil bath

If your skin is feeling dry and itchy which so often happens at the start of winter, an olive oil bath is the perfect route to go. Not only is it relaxing but also a really simple way to get your skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. Just add 5 tablespoons of EVOO into your bathtub and let this relaxing skin treatment soak in.

  1. Use olive oil to soften dry hands and feet

If your hands and feet are in need of some TLC, mix a few drops of olive oil with your regular body cream and rub gently onto your hand and feet. Within a few uses you should notice dry areas will be softer and smoother.

  1. DIY hot oil hair treatment

For soft shiny hair create an at-home hot oil treatment with olive oil. Let the EVOO heat on the stove or in the microwave for 10-15 seconds then add it to your hair and let it sit (covered) for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you have itchy scalp or dandruff, this treatment will also sooth and nourish that area.

Rich in vitamin E and A, olive oil helps hydrates the skin and maintain its elasticity and softness. Also, olive oil helps skin cells to regenerate. By adding olive oil into your meals and using it in your daily beauty regime, you will get the maximum benefits of this amazing natural product.


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