Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rated Tops Again By Flos Olei

For the seventh consecutive year Morgenster Estate in Somerset West has been awarded a top score in the authoritative international Flos Olei guide which assesses the world’s best olive oils. This year the 2016 edition awarded Morgenster 98 points out of a possible 100.

Owner Giulio Bertrand says of his third 98-point score awarded in December: “For me, this is an early Christmas present and one of which I will never get bored! Again, we were among a few, only 13 oils achieved 98%. Apart from Morgenster, the other top oils come from Italy (eight), Spain (three) and Chile (one).”

Flos Olei 2016 description: This farm has been present in our Guide for some years and its growth has been praised and recognized. Also the present performance is extraordinary and as usual is due to Giulio Bertrand’s dedication and enthusiasm. In 1992 he took over the farm, where wine has been produced for three centuries, and decided to aim at quality olive growing. Today in the large estate of Somerset West there are 50 hectares of specialized olive grove with 30,000 trees, which produced 3,000 quintals of olives and 600 hectolitres of oil in the last harvest. There are two splendid Extra Virgin Morgenster, the “basic” and Don Carlo, which is an intense limpid green colour with slight golden yellow hues.

 Flavour profiles: The Flos Olei 2016 guide describes Morgenster Don Carlo, a single cultivar intense oil, as: Its aroma is definite and elegant, rich in hints of artichoke, chicory and lettuce, with distinct notes of mint, rosemary and sage. Its taste is full and strong, with a flavour of cinnamon, black pepper and almond. Bitterness is strong and pungency is distinct.

Morgenster olive oils

Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil bursts with multiple layers of flavour, the
result of blending oils from at least 14 different Italian cultivars grown, extracted and bottled on the Morgenster Estate. The first whiff is intense freshly cut grass with secondary aromas of green tomatoes, almonds, artichokes and green apples.

Morgenster Monte Marcello is the Estate’s third extra virgin olive oil (pic below). It is made from a single Ligurian cultivar in the years when the trees ripen later and hold on to their olives till August or September. The long ripening period produces a delicate, sweeter oil.

Available at selected delicatessens, Woolworths, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and Shoprite Checkers stores nationwide, and the Estate’s tasting room.
Retail prices: Morgenster blended extra virgin olive oil around R114; single cultivar Don Carlo and Monte Marcello extra virgin olive oils around R126.

* Morgenster and Flos Olei/L’Extravergine

· Flos Olei 2016: Morgenster is one of 13 producers to have achieved 98/100, the highest score ever bestowed by Flos Olei. The 13 farms rated at this top level come from Italy (eight), Spain (three), Chile (one) and South Africa (Morgenster).

· Flos Olei 2015: Morgenster is one of 12 producers to have achieved 98/100, the highest score ever bestowed by Flos Olei. The 12 farms rated at this top level come from Spain (three), Italy (seven), South Africa (one – Morgenster), Chile (one).

· Flos Olei 2014: Morgenster was one of 11 producers to have achieved 98/100. These 11 farms are from Spain (two), Italy (seven), South Africa (one – Morgenster), Chile (one). Morgenster also received the “Made with Love” award in the section listing the world’s 20 best farms in the accompanying Flos Olei 2014 – a guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil (

· Flos Olei 2013: 14 producers achieved 97 points, six from Spain, five from Italy, and one each from Croatia, Morocco and South Africa (Morgenster). For the first time 98 points were awarded, achieved by producers in Spain (one), Italy (five) and Chile (one).

· Flos Olei 2012: The 16 top achievers, scoring 97 out of a possible 100 points, came from Spain (four), Italy (eight), Morocco (one) Chile (two) and South Africa (one – Morgenster). Production from 43 countries on five continents was judged for Flos Olei 2012.

· Flos Olei 2011: Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil scored 97 points out of a possible 100. 97 was the highest score awarded and Morgenster was the top South African producer. It shared 97 points with 11 other producers from Spain (two), Italy (six), Morocco (one) and Chile (two). 455 producers from 42 countries on five continents were judged.

· Flos Olei 2010: Eight oils, including Morgenster, were accorded the top score of 97 out of a possible 100.

· L’Extravergine 2007: Morgenster was judged “Mill of the year”

· L’Extravergine 2006: Morgenster was judged “Best Blended Olive Oil in the world”.

* Other international awards are listed at

Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate

Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate in Somerset West, 35 minutes from Cape Town, is at the gateway to the Western Cape wine-growing region. It is a thriving olive and wine farm dating back to 1711, producing internationally acclaimed Bordeaux-style wines and extra virgin olive oil of astounding quality.
Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate