Morgenster Green Olives

Morgenster green olivesNatural Green Olives
Producer: Morgenster

Product Description
The Nocellara olive, native to Sicily, was one of the many Italian varieties that Morgenster’s owner Giulio Bertrand imported when establishing Morgenster as a table olive and olive oil producer and olive nursery in the early 1990s. “Nocellara” being the name of the cultivar and “Belice” the valley in Sicily where they are grown, it is renowned as a Green Table olive, but also makes an excellent olive oil.

Morgenster olives are cured using a natural fermentation process, in bring for 9 to 12 months, leaving a crisp olive full of natural flavours.

Tasting Notes
Picked green, the olive is naturally crisper than riper black olives but the natural process used to cure the olives also ensures that the olives remain firm and full of flavour. The Nocellara olive has a distinct creamy, nutty taste.

Size Formats

290g Glass Jar, 3kg Bucket or Bag

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