Japan To Host 4th Sol D’Oro Southern Hemisphere Competition

Producers south of the equator have until 6 September to send their olive oil samples, to be entered in to Sol D’Oro 2017, which will be hosted from 11-15 September in Osaka, Japan this year.

Unlike Sol d’Oro Northern Hemisphere, which always takes place in Verona, the Southern Hemisphere competition is a travelling event that includes the main extra-virgin olive oil producer-countries in the “opposite” season compared to the Mediterranean area where the olive harvest campaign begins in Spring rather than Autumn.

Two different labels can be entered in the Extra Virgin Category, which is divided in turn into: intense, medium and light fruit. The agreement between Veronafiere and Intex Osaka 2017 envisages that winners in the Sol d’Oro Northern and Southern Hemisphere Competitions will be highlighted during the Olive Oil Kansai International event. The first Japanese show dedicated exclusively to extra virgin olive oil is held in Osaka 11-13 October 2017.


Verona, 20 June 2017 – Veronafiere directly promotes and organizes the annual Sol&Agrifood show dedicated to extra virgin olive oil and quality foods. Promotional activities intended to raise awareness of quality culture in the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) field scheduled during Sol&Agrifood over more than 20 years have seen Veronafiere create the Sol d’Oro International Competition, that doubled up in 2014 as Sol d’Oro North Hemisphere (held in Verona in February) and Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere (a travelling event held in September: the first competitions were held in Chile, South Africa and Australia).

South Africa made its mark at this year’s Sol&Agrifood event and has previously had the honor of hosting the Southern Hemisphere Sol D’Oro competition in Cape Town in 2015.

The fourth edition is scheduled 11-15 September in Osaka, Japan. This is the most appropriate period for assessing extra virgin olive oils produced in the Southern Hemisphere, given the inverted seasonal cycle compared to the North; and although Japan, geographically speaking, is evidently in the Northern Hemisphere, it is an area of optimal convergence for operators in southern parts of the globe.

The same rules, the same assessment (blind tasting) and judgement methods applied by the two annual editions of Sol d’Oro are ensured by an international jury of great expertise and professionalism guided in both editions by Marino Giorgetti, a panel leader ensuring consolidated experience. The only substantial difference between the two editions is the possibility for companies taking part in Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere to present two different labels in the extra virgin olive oil category, which in turn distinguishes between intense, medium and delicate fruity as assessed by the tasting jury. Producers in the southern hemisphere from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand can register and send samples until 6 September

Competition regulations and registration are available at http://www.solagrifood.com/en/exhibitors-area/sol-doro-competition

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