Report Back: Olive Oil Educational Event

On the 23rd of October, 2014, in association with Slow Food Mother City and Porterville Olives, Olive Central organised an educational evening around olive oil. The event was held at Thornton Whites, a popular new restaurant in the Cape Town foreshore.

olive oil educational

About 24 members and guests of Slow Food Mother City attended the event. Willie Duminy of Porterville olives gave an interesting presentation about olive oil. He described how it is made and why local South African olive oil is generally of a high quality. The guests were given a typical imported olive oil to smell and were surprised to learn that it was faulty (fusty and rancid) because they were used to olive oil smelling like that.

In contrast, the award winning Andante olive oils which were tasted displayed fresh, grassy characteristics. The guests had the opportunity to taste and compare delicate, medium and strong oils to understand the difference in bitterness and pepperiness. Willie explained how the different varieties of olives have different characteristics, and just like a wine blend, they are blended in different amounts to make an olive oil that is delicate or strong.

Olive oil educational

Willie explained that olive pomace oil should be avoided due to the dangerous chemicals used when manufacturing it. He pointed out that the local industry only produces extra virgin olive oil and that the quality of this oil is very high, making it the best choice for consumers.

The guests were very happy to leave with a bottle of Andante olive oil each along with the mission to spread the good word about our fantastic local olive oil.

See more images from the event in our gallery.

olive oil educational

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