SA Olive Awards 2012 Results

A total of 63 olive oils from 39 producers were entered into the SA Olive Awards, run by the SA Olive Industry Association. 19 Golds were awarded by the judges, after 3 days of blind tasting.

Giulio Betrand, owner of the historic Morgenster Estate in Somerset West, was honoured with a Life Time Achiever trophy for his invaluable contribution to the local olive industry.

The awarded olive oils are as follows:


Olyvenbosch – Olyvenbosch “On Tap” (Delic/Med)
Marbrin Farm – Marbrin Farm (Delicate)
Muiskraal – Muiskraal (Delicate)
Tokara – Tokara Mission (Delicate)
Bakenshoogte – Bakenshoogte Blue (Intense)
Gabrielskloof – Gabrielskloof (Intense)
Kleinood – De Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Intense)
Lettas Kraal – Lettas Kraal (Intense)
Marbrin Farm – Marbrin Farm (Intense)
Waterfall River – Waterfall River (Intense)
Buck’s Ridge Olive Estate – Buck’s Ridge Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)
Indigo Ridge – Good Green Oil (Medium)
Kleinveld Flora/In our Greenhouse – In Our Greenhouse (Medium)
L’Olivier – Kloof Versnit (Medium)
McGregor Olives – Olivi (Medium)
Prince Albert Olives – Prince Albert Olives (Medium)
Rio Largo Olive Estate – Rio Largo Medium (Medium)
Rio Largo Olive Estate – Rio Largo Mild (Medium)
Vesuvio Estates – Vesuvio Estates (Medium)


Buck’s Ridge Olive Estate – Buck’s Ridge Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Single Grove” (Delicate)
River Bend Farm – River Bend Mission (Delicate)
Tarentaalkloof – Tarentaalkloof Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2012 (Delicate)
Tokara – Tokara Frantoio (Delicate)
Tokara – Tokara Multi Varietal (Delicate)
Tokara – Tokara Premium (Delicate)
Willow Creek Olive – Nuy Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Delicate)
Buck’s Ridge Olive Estate – Buck’s Ridge Intense (Intense)
Darling Olives – Darling Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Intense)
De Rustica Olive Estate – Intense Press (Intense)
Morgenster Estate – Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Intense)
Porterville Olives (Pty) Ltd – Andante Mezzo Forte (Intense)
Rio Largo Olive Estate – Rio Largo Intense (Intense)
Willow Creek Olive – Willow Creek Directors’ Res Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Intense)
Bakenshoogte – Bakenshoogte Green (Medium)
De Rustica Olive Estate – Medium Intense Press (Medium)
Foxenburg Estate – Foxenburg Estate (Medium)
Hemelrand – Hemelrand (Medium)
Hidden Valley – Hidden Valley Olive Oil (Medium)
Kadima Olives – Kadimah Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)
L’Olivier – Villa Premium (Medium)
L’Ormarins – L’Ormarins Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)
Marbrin Farm – Marbrin Farm (Medium)
Olive Pride – Olive Pride Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)
Olyvenbosch – Olyvenbosch Orchard Blend (Medium)
Oudewerfskloof – Oudewerfskloof (Medium)
Porterville Olives (Pty) Ltd – Andante (Medium)
River Bend Farm – River Bend Frantoio/Mission (Medium)
Slent Farms (Pty) Ltd – Ayama (Medium)
Zonquasdrift Estates (Pty) Ltd – Zonquasdrift (Medium)


De Rustica Olive Estate – Leccino Press (Delicate)
Hillcrest Estate Durbanville – Hillcrest Estate Durbanville (Delicate)
Zaamheid Olive Estate – Zaamheid Medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Delicate)
Botuin – Botuin (Medium)
The Greenleaf Olive Company – Saint Sebastian Bay Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)
The Greenleaf Olive Company – Greenleaf Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)
Willow Creek Olive – Willow Creek Est Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)
Zaamheid Olive Estate – Zaamheid Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Medium)

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