5 Tips for Keeping Olive Oil In 1ltr Tins Fresh

Many brands of olive oil are available in 1 liter tins which are great for buying in bulk and saving money, although it’s important to remember that as these tins last longer, in order to maintain the freshness of your olive oil over time there are some important tips to follow.

Extra virgin olive oil tins

  1. Avoid light and heat. The olive oil 1ltr tins are good in terms of packaging as they don’t let in any light like the glass bottles do, but for optimum storage keep your tin in a cool dark place because when olive oil is exposed to light and heat the oil begins to oxidize and it will begin to lose its flavors and health benefits.
  1. Decant your olive oil. Air is another element that will accelerate the life span of olive oil. By decanting olive oil from your tin into either an old olive oil bottle or a red wine glass bottle you will ensure that the majority of the olive oil in the tin will not be exposed to much air and you will probably only need to open the tin 2 or 3 times.
  1. Check the date of harvest or pressing. Typically olive oil should be consumed within two years of pressing. When purchasing olive oil look at the date of harvest or pressing as this will give you the best indication of how long it has been on the shelf and as we know, olive oil is freshest just after harvest.
  1. Buy extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oils have the potential to last longer than other grades because they have a lower acidity. Look for tins that state the olive oil has been cold pressed or has the SA Olive Association CTC label.
  1. Use liberally. Extra virgin olive oil has so many health benefits and you really can’t go wrong putting a heavy handed splash of it in your food. As time is an important factor in maintaining the freshness of olive oil its best to get through it as quick as possible.

Here are some local producers that offer their extra virgin olive oil in 1 liter tins or boxes:

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