Babylonstoren Extra Virgin Olive Oil

babylonstoren-olive-oilBabylonstoren Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Producer: Babylonstoren

Product Description

The smell varies from green and leafy to fruity as five varieties of olives are used in Babylonstoren’s oil.

You will see the colour – slight green to golden yellow. The smell will be clean and fresh, leafy or fruity. Take a sip and feel the silkiness on the tongue and in the throat. You will taste fruity, herb, peppery notes and soft, subtle florals. A slight tickle as it is swallowed indicates the presence of anti-oxidants, nature’s protectors against free radicals and cancer. And how to ‘feel’ the oil? Rub it into the skin to gently sooth and nourish. Pure golden goodness!

Our olive oil is packaged in a 500ml tin with a resealable lid. Packaging the olive oil in a tin means that sunlight is kept out, which helps to preserve the oil’s flavourful nuances over time.

Tasting Notes

The first whiff is intense freshly cut grass. By warming the oil slightly with your hand the secondary aromas of green tomatoes, almonds, artichokes and perhaps even green apples will become for more evident.

SA Olive Awards: Gold (2015 – 4 variety blend)
SA Olive Awards: Silver (2016 – 5 variety blend)

Size Formats
500ml Tin

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