Oakhurst Natural Green Olives

Oakhurst Natural Green olivesNatural Green Olives
Producer: Oakhurst Olives

Product Description
During harvest, each fruit is hand-picked at optimal ripeness and cured slowly in our cellar using traditional recipes. Oakhurst Natural Green olives undergo natural fermentation under controlled conditions, preserving the health-giving bio-phenolics.

No preservatives, colourants or additives are added.

Oakhurst Natural Green olives are hand-picked when they have obtained full size, but before the onset of the ripening cycle. The result is a dense, robust fruit with a salty tang and pleasant bitterness.

Green olives are perfect as a stand-alone snack to enjoy with dips and breads.

Size Formats
280g Glass Jar, 200g Plastic Tub, 400g Plastic Tub, 3kg Bucket or Bag

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