Don Carlo EVOO

morgenster don carlo olive oilDon Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Producer: Morgenster

Product Description

Don Carlo is the most intense of the extra virgin olive oils in Morgenster’s range of acclaimed olive oils. It is extracted from a new international olive cultivar, recently established for the first time in South Africa at the Morgenster Estate. Morgenster has the sole right to propagate and distribute this patented variety in South Africa. In the intense fruity category, Don Carlo produces an oil markedly different from the oil coming from traditional varieties. With vibrant tomato and tomato leaf aromas and flavors this single varietal oil exhibits compelling character and invites experimentation with food pairings.

Morgenster pressed a limited quantity of extra virgin olive oil from its Don Carlo groves for the first time in 2013. When sufficient oil becomes available, Don Carlo will be considered as one of the building blocks of the Estate’s flagship extra virgin olive oil.

Tasting Notes

The first whiff is of freshly cut grass and olives. By warming the oil slightly with your hand the secondary aromas of medium to high fruity notes of olive and tomato leaf will become more evident.

This Don Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil will present you with intense peppery flavours, with a slightly bitter taste. Characteristic green flavours of artichokes, green tomato and tomato leaf will follow. As you swallow the oil you will notice a peppery tickle in the back of your
throat that will develop over time to a gentle burn that may make you cough – all signs of a good quality, fresh olive oil.

Size Formats

500ml Glass Bottle

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Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate

Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate in Somerset West, 35 minutes from Cape Town, is at the gateway to the Western Cape wine-growing region. It is a thriving olive and wine farm dating back to 1711, producing internationally acclaimed Bordeaux-style wines and extra virgin olive oil of astounding quality.
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