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Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive OilMorgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Producer: Morgenster

Product Description

Morgenster extra virgin olive oil is produced with the most up-to-date expertise and plant material. It is a secret blend of several Italian cultivars renowned for the excellent oil they produce, each contributing specific characteristics to the final product.

The term extra virgin relates to the level of fatty acid in the oil, which must be <0.8% to qualify. It is ultimately determined by the quality of the fruit, the time between harvesting and extraction, quality of storage and the temperature during extraction. Our state of the art machinery guarantees that every drop of Morgenster olive oil produced has an acidity of <0.3%. The oil is allowed to settle in stainless steel tanks before being pumped off the sediment. It is then blended to provide the ultimate flavour profile and kept in pristine conditions until it is bottled to order in the distinctive Morgenster embossed bottle. The bottle is sealed with a tamper proof pourer that guarantees that the bottle of oil you open was filled at Morgenster and nitrogen is added into the bottle to protect the oil against oxidation.

Tasting Notes

The first whiff is intense freshly cut grass. By warming the oil slightly with your hand the secondary aromas of green tomatoes, almonds, artichokes and perhaps even green apples will become for more evident.

When tasting Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive oil, it will present you with medium to intense concentration of fruit flavours. It’s an intense oil that leaves you with a very clean finish. As you swallow the oil you will notice a pleasant bitterness on the roof of your mouth and a peppery burn down the back of your throat – both distinct characteristics of an excellent quality oil.

SA Olive Awards: Gold (2007, 2009 – 2011, 2013, 2014), Silver (2008, 2012)

Morgenster extra virgin olive oil has won a huge number of international awards in competitions all around the world. There are too many to list here but you can see the full list on the Morgenster website.

Size Formats

250ml Glass Bottle, 500ml Glass Bottle, 5 litre Plastic Container

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Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate

Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate in Somerset West, 35 minutes from Cape Town, is at the gateway to the Western Cape wine-growing region. It is a thriving olive and wine farm dating back to 1711, producing internationally acclaimed Bordeaux-style wines and extra virgin olive oil of astounding quality.
Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate