Baleia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Baleia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml LRBaleai Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Producer: Baleia

Product Description

The first olive trees – for the production of olive oil – were planted in 2008. We mainly grow Frantoio, Corantina, FS17 and Leccino.

We chose the farm for the cultivation of olive oil because of the high-quality calcium-rich soil and the close proximity to the ocean which provides the ideal climate for the growth of the olives.

Tasting Notes

This olive oil has a whiff of fresh cut grass. Aromas of green tomatoes, almonds, artichokes and even green apples are more evident. Medium to intense concentration of fruit flavours, it leaves a very clean finish. After swallowing the oil a pleasant bitterness on the roof of your mouth and a peppery burn down the back of your throat-both distinct characteristics of excellent quality oil. The liquid is light yellow to a green colour. The olive oil texture is a fluid oil. Baleia sells the oil in a 500ml glass bottle, 1L and 2L in a box.

SA Olive Awards: Silver (20013 – 2015)
Sol ‘d Oro: Second place in the category of mild (2015)

Size Formats

500ml Glass Bottle

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The farm, Dassieklip is located approximately 1km from the town of Riversdale, just off the N2.
Owned by the Joubert family, they began planting olives in 2008 and the first bottle of their extra virgin olive oil was produced in 2012.