Baleia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Baleia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml LRBaleai Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Producer: Baleia

Product Description

The first olive trees – for the production of olive oil – were planted in 2008. We mainly grow Frantoio, Corantina, FS17 and Leccino.

We chose the farm for the cultivation of olive oil because of the high-quality calcium-rich soil and the close proximity to the ocean which provides the ideal climate for the growth of the olives.

Tasting Notes

This olive oil has a whiff of fresh cut grass. Aromas of green tomatoes, almonds, artichokes and even green apples are more evident. Medium to intense concentration of fruit flavours, it leaves a very clean finish. After swallowing the oil a pleasant bitterness on the roof of your mouth and a peppery burn down the back of your throat-both distinct characteristics of excellent quality oil. The liquid is light yellow to a green colour. The olive oil texture is a fluid oil. Baleia sells the oil in a 500ml glass bottle, 1L and 2L in a box.

SA Olive Awards: Silver (20013 – 2015)
Sol ‘d Oro: Second place in the category of mild (2015)

Size Formats

500ml Glass Bottle

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