2016 Marco Zichella Awards

A big congratulations is in order for the winners of the 2016 Marco Zichella Awards, the results of which were released on the 1st of December.

Marco Zichella Awards

The blind tasting took place on the 29th of November. A panel of local olive oil experts, under the guidance of Linda Costa, judged the oils.

Marco Zichella first imported Oliomio olive processing equipment into South Africa 16 years ago. The Marco Zichella awards were instituted in 2002 by the wife and daughter of Marco Zichella. Dedicated to his memory, they hoped to give life to his original vision of an event that would bring Oliomio customers and olive oil friends together to enjoy authentic Italian hospitality.

Marco Zichella Awards

The competition celebrates the finest South African olive oils that are produced using the Oliomio equipment.

Most of the oils were superb, and there was a very narrow distinction between the final results, so we had to retaste until we could separate the top nine oils. -Linda Costa

The results of the 2016 Marco Zichella Awards were:

Delicate Category:

1st Klein La Rochelle

2nd Riverbend & Olive Boutique (tie)

Medium Category:

1st Kransfontein

2nd Chaloner

3rd Foxenburg

Intense Category:

1st De Werf

2nd Gabrielskloof

3rd Mardouw

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