The Caesar Cocktail Recipe

When searching for cocktail and drink recipes that include olives – because we think that olives make everything better, even alcohol – I stumbled upon this Canadian cocktail named the Caesar.

Caesar cocktail

While some may confuse this drink with a Bloody Mary, there are some unusual ingredients that separate the two. Firstly, the Caesar requires Clamato juice which is tomato juice mixed with clam broth, whereas in the more common Bloody Mary you won’t find any seafood based broths just regular tomato cocktail or tomato juice. Secondly, and this is the best part of the Caesar, unlike the Bloody Mary this cocktail uses olives as a garnish.

Don’t be wary of the Clamato juice, which, although not a common ingredient in most South African supermarkets, clam broth can be found in some Asian grocers, as it apparently has quite a smooth taste and you can’t really taste clam or anything fishy just adds an interesting saltiness. Of course the olives as a garnish give it another briney dimension that goes great with the Clamato juice and vodka.

Like the traditional bloody Mary, the Caesar also has hangover curing abilities.

Here is the recipe from the kitchen of Cookin Canuck.

Serves: Makes 4 cocktails


¼ cup celery salt
1 lime, cut into 8 wedges
Ice cubes
6 oz. vodka
32 oz. Clamato juice (or clam broth mixed with tomato juice)
Several dashes of Worcestershire sauce for each
Several dashes of Tabasco sauce for each
4 long ribs of celery
8 pimento-stuffed olives or any green olives of your choice

Spread the celery salt onto a small plate. Rub the rim of one 12-ounce glass with a lime wedge. Turn the glass upside down and dip the rim of the glass into the celery salt. Repeat with remaining 3 glasses.
Fill each glass with ice cubes. Divide the vodka equally between the 4 glasses. Pour Clamato juice into each glass.
Season each Caesar with several dashes of Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces, to desired spiciness. Stir each cocktail with a stir stick.
Garnish with celery sticks, olives and remaining lime wedges. Serve.



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