Olive Oil Vinaigrette Recipe

This is a recipe for a basic vinaigrette or French dressing, made with olive oil. There are infinite additions and variations on this recipe but the basic recipe remains simple and easy to remember.

Ingredients: 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Method: Mix the ingredients together, either with a whisk or a blender. Remember that they will separate again as oil and vinegar do not mix. So while it is recommended to leave the mixture standing for a while, remember to give it another quick whisk before serving.


Which olive oil and which vinegar you use will depend on your taste, as well as what you want to use the dressing for. You can also change the ratio slightly to suit your taste. It is generally recommended to use a mild or delicate extra virgin olive oil (read more about different strengths of olive oil), because the stronger or more fruity olive oils can have a very dominant taste. The vinegar is usually a red or white wine vinegar, but some occasions could call for a apple cider vinegar or alternative. Most vinegars will be suitable apart from balsamic vinegar as that would be too strong.

To help the mixture stay together (or emulsify), most people would add a stabiliser. There are many options, but some of the common ones are dijon mustard (tangy), honey(sweet), crushed garlic or powdered herbs.

┬áSo there you have it, any cook’s repertoire would be incomplete without a basic vinaigrette recipe.

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