Passion Fruit Olive Oil Slices

We at Olive Central have a sweet spot for olive inspired deserts, combining the intense fruity flavour of olive oil with sugary treats can really be a match made in heaven.

We were lucky enough to receive this recipe from Hein van Tonder of , using one of our favourite olive oil’s from Baleia to make these mouth watering  Passion Fruit Olive Oil Slices.

Hein explains the inspiration behind his recipe:

I spent quite a bit of time thinking of what recipe to make with olive oil after the kind people at Baleia Wines sent a bottle of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I wanted to go sweet again having made this delicious Olive Oil Polenta Cake last year but I did not want to bake a cake again. Coincidentally a friend sent a link to these Lemon Bars with Olive Oil and Sea Salt at just the right time and I decided to make it with passion fruit or granadilla as we call it in South Africa.

I think the grassy notes and concentration of fruit flavours in the oil was a perfect match for the intensely perfumed passion fruit. And the bitterness of the oil played off against the sweet richness of the curd and definitely amplified the passion fruit flavour.

Passion Fruit Olive

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